Using Heatmaps for Conversion Rate Optimization

Discover how heatmaps can help maximize your website’s effectiveness

When used in conjunction with other CRO tools, they are a simple solution, able to transform hard data into immediate visual representations that show you if your latest website design is capturing your customers.


In this ebook, you’ll learn

  • The true origins of heatmaps: what are they and when were they first used to analyze the customer experience?
  • Real business use cases from the likes of EON, Deckers and other industry influencers who already utilize heatmaps to gain insight into customer behavior.
  • A closer look at what your heatmap findings really mean and how to use this data to maximize customer engagement.
  • Already a heatmap expert? Find out how to use heatmaps on more complex pages, such as single-page applications, by using CSS overlays.
  • Explore other website optimization solutions with our handy guide - “what’s next after heatmapping?” and browse our top 20 CRO tips.


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